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Eduard Akhanov - Akkordeon

Eduard Akhanov  |  Accordion  |  Russia

Eduard Akhanov has been playing the bayan since childhood and is one of the best virtuosos on his instrument. He studied in Taganrog and Moscow. During this time he won numerous competitions and prizes: “Don Grand Prix” (Russia), “Klingenthal International Accordion Competition” (Germany), “Coupe Mondiale” (Scotland) and “Accoholiday” (Ukraine). He gives concerts in many countries around the world and teaches master classes there.

Eduard Akhanov spielt »Sing Sing Sing« von Louis Prima
Eduard Akhanov spielt »Solange unsere Herzen schlagen«
at the Gala Concert of PANTONALE Peace Festival 2022 in the chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonic

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