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Radu Ratoi - Akkordeon

Radu Ratoi  |  Accordion  |  Republic of Moldova

Radu Ratoi, born in 1998 in Chișinău / Republic of Moldova, began his stage career at the early age of seven years. He studied at an art school and the “Centre of Excellence in Artistic Education” in his home town. During this time he won some of the most well-known international accordion competitions in the junior categories. Later, while studying at the “Royal Danish Academy of Music” in Copenhagen, Ratoi also received awards in professional accordion competitions. 

In total, he has won more than 60 prizes in the classical and entertainment music genre. In 2022, he received one of the greatest Modovan awards, a “Master of Arts”.  Ratoi characterises the accordion as an “instrument with almost unlimited possibilities” in all musical genres.

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