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PANTONALE Peace Festival 2023

Everything perfect – a firework of sound of the highest class!

This year, again, the non-profit association Pantonale e.V. organised their 9th International Accordion Festival 2023 as a peace festival: Since nobody could have imagined last year and, above all, nobody wanted to imagine that the Russian war of aggression against the Ukraine would last so long, the organisers and 12 accordion virtuosos from Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, North Macedonia and Moldova wanted to set a clear sign for peace in Ukraine in 2023 under the motto »Peace Dreams – Music connects«.

For six days – between May 14th and 20th – the musicians once again presented the versatility and variety of sounds of the accordion in three large and several small concerts and delivered a firework of sound of the highest quality. There was a great variety of compositions of different musical styles to be heard, from classical music, folklore and jazz to contemporary music, as well as colorful sound experiences in combination with the violin and the saxophone, with the guitar, the piano and the flute, with singing and the strings of the New Chamber Orchestra Potsdam.

The opening concert on May 14th in the Trinitatis Church in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg was very well attended. Admission was free; they only asked for donations, which went in full to the musicians. Many thanks for that!

At the PANTONALE Gala Concert in the chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonic on May 19th, a very special atmosphere developed between audience and musicians, there was accordion music of great virtuosity and nuanced interpretation. The audience was enthusiastic and celebrated the virtuosi of the accordion with standing ovations.

Then on Saturday, May 20th, the final concert on the big stage directly in front of the symbolic Brandenburg Gate: Thousands of people came; some listened in passing, others stayed a little longer, still others made themselves comfortable sitting or lying down in front of the stage and listened to the accordion for peace in Ukraine for three hours in a relaxed atmosphere in bright sunshine.

All musical personalities convinced in the three brilliant concerts with an extraordinary stage presence. The performances captivated with their emotional depth and sensuality, with highly virtuosic instrumental skills on top-quality, highly developed instruments. Almost all pieces were accompanied by strings from the New Chamber Orchestra Potsdam. The concerts were framed by Jens Tronicke with professional care and presented in an entertaining way. 

But the most beautiful picture was that people of different cultures, countries, languages and skin colors came together peacefully and in a good mood.

We can live together when we respect each other, when we are willing to learn from each other, when we are open and interested, and when no one believes their own truth to be the only truth.

These videos give an impression of our last year’s Peace Festival:

Peace Festival Gala-Konzert 2023
Peace Festival 2023 Open Air Brandenburger Tor

zum Video Teil 1 auf YouTube

zum Video Teil 2 auf YouTube


Das gesamte PANTONALE Friedensfestival steht unter der Schirmherrschaft des Senators für Kultur und Europa.

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