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Vladimir Genin - Komposition

Vladimir Genin  |  Composition  |  Germany

The Russian-German composer Vladimir Genin is a graduate of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. As a pianist, conductor and organist, he has performed classical and his own works in concert halls in Russia, Germany, France, England and Italy. His works have been performed by symphony orchestras, numerous chamber ensembles and choirs in Europe, Russia and the USA.

Vladimir Genin is a member of the Russian Composers’ Association, GEMA and the Association of Munich Music Artists, and is the author of symphonic, choral and chamber works recorded on records and CDs. His works have been performed repeatedly at the modern music festival »Moscow Autumn« and at festivals of the Munich Society for New Music. »The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians« (London) contains an article on his work.

Roadmovie & Tango by Vladimir Genin
»Pietà« by Vladimir Genin
»Passacaglia in Yellow-Blue« by Vladimir Genin

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