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Gorka Hermosa - Akkordeon

Gorka Hermosa  |  Accordion, Composition  |  Spain

Gorka Hermosa has been recognized by both World Accordion Federations and his works have quickly become very popular around the world. He has composed music for plays, short films and some documentaries. He has appeared as the first Spanish accordionist with the National Radio and Television Orchestra and has performed in China, Iran, South America and throughout Europe. He has published seven CDs of his own compositions, four reference books on the accordion and has held conferences on the history of the accordion in Europe, South America and China. He is currently teaching the accordion class at the Santander Music Conservatory “Jesús de Monasterio”.

Gorka Hermosa dedicated his work “Peace Dream” to the festival and will premiere it himself. The style of the piece is expressionistic, perhaps post-romantic, but also classical with some reminiscences of film music, traditional and rock music. The piece is based on two traditional melodies from Ukraine and Russia that relate in different ways (fight, love, hate, war, hope ...). In the introduction of the three-part work, the relationship is lovingly presented, after which fight and war ensue, while the last part (coda) is intended to symbolize hope for a better future.

»Gernika, 26/4/1937« von und mit Gorka Hermosa
»Dwarves’ Tales« von und mit Gorka Hermosa

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