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Artem Nizhnik - Akkordeon und Komposition

Artem Nizhnik  |  Accordion, Composition  |  Ukraine / Israel

Artem Nizhnik is  a composer, accordion performer, educator and conductor from Ukraine. He studied composition under Boris Semenenko and Sergey Mamonov, defended his thesis »Ukrainian accordion concert: development trends of the genre« at the Department of Music History at Lvov National musical academy and received PhD in Art History in 2014.

The composer’s creative style and views were strongly influenced by the acquaintance and composition lessons with Alexandra Karastoyanova-Hermentin (Vienna, Austria). Artem Nizhnik composed a number of pieces for accordion and orchestra, for chamber ensembles with accordion and numerous works for the accordion concert and didactic repertoire.

He collaborated with Ksenija Sidorova, Sib-Duo, Félicien Brut, Belgorod Russian academic Orchestra and Evgeniy Aleshnikov, Double Expression, Accordion Orchestra of Daugavpils, Tatyana Saratova and others. As a composer he received several laureateships and awards in Ukraine, Austria, Russia and China, his works being published by such publishing houses as »Edition Avantus« Germany, »Kompositor« Saint Petersburg and »Muzyka« Moscow.

In 2022, Artem Nizhnik has repatriated to Israel and now lives in Jerusalem.

»Dark Pool / Whirlpool« by Artem Nizhnik
»Miserere« by Artem Nizhnik
»Sirin« by Artem Nizhnik
»Mountain of Crosses« by Artem Nyzhnyk

Photo: Avner Paltiel

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